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As one of the world's finest Early Childhood Development System, we are driven by the constant desire to challenge the status quo and continually improve the Early Childhood Education system. Being one of the very few research based ECD organizations, we are committed to deliver value for the entire ecosystem including Schools, Students, Parents, Educators and Govt. Entities.
Our Brand Promise

Nurturing infinite

We aim to help build a society where Children grow up to become balanced leaders who care for their people, creative geniuses who bring sustainable solutions to the world problems and logical wizards who play a positive role in the greater community. What differentiates us are our 3 unique propositions -
Child Intelligence Tracking
State of the art tool to gauge how an individual child’s brain is developing across 9 different metrics.
Focus on developing the Executive Function
The tracking system allows us to further use the data to evaluate the child’s Executive Function development and the incremental improvement on a time to time basis.
Unique 3 in 1 LRM Curriculum
Once we get a clearer picture of the child’s executive function development, using our 3 in 1 curriculum we develop a gap bridging plan to facilitate the brain growth trajectory.
Approach to Brain Development

Developing Executive Function

Fueling Brains specializes in developing the Executive Function in early childhood that results in individuals who grow up to be fearless, who make conscious decisions, manage their impulses, regulate their emotions, be flexible, quickly adapt to change, remain confident and be happy! Our unique learning approach focuses on how to learn rather than what to learn.
A Holistic Approach

Offering Measurable, Impact Led Solutions to the Entire Ecosystem.

As pioneers in the Early Childhood Development domain (ECD), we provide state of the art solutions to every stakeholder in the ECD Ecosystem. Whether you're a parent or an educator or an existing preschool or a govt entity; we have the right offerings for you to choose from.
The Fueling Brains Learning System
Redefining early childhood education
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Our School Solutions
Scalable and flexible model for schools
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Educators and Teachers
Redefine your career with us
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Enabling Parents
Providing active participation to parents in their child's development
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